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Private Training

In Person Lessons​:

  • Initial lesson and observation is 2 hours in length at $325

  • Each subsequent lesson ranges from 1 - 1.5 hours at $200

*+$50 per lesson to work with our Training Director & Canine Behaviorist

  • Prodigal Puppy package: 3 sessions (1 initial and 2 subsequent lessons) = $660

  • Cunning Canine package: 6 sessions (1 initial and 5 subsequent lessons) = $1200

  • Serious Scholar package: 10 sessions (1 initial and 9 subsequent lessons) =$1900

*Please consult us for customized packages with our Training Director & Canine Behaviorist

Packaged Lessons


Training develops a healthy & fulfilling bond between pets and their families

It helps your dog interact calmly and respectfully with others

For their own safety, and those around them

Because you CAN teach an old dog new tricks


“If you are looking for an immersive experience to lay the foundations for your ongoing training and/or address advanced impulse control, behavior modification and help reduce triggered reactions and anxiety, please take a look at our Board and Training Programs below."

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